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His worship, introduced from the Greek colonies in Etruria and in the south of Italy, seems to have been established in Rome from the earliest times, as two old Patrician genies were associated with his cult and the Fabii claimed him as their ancestor. The earliest forerunner of the great sisterhood of nurses of whom we have any record was Fabiola, a patrician Roman lady, who in A. On the marriage in of another Agostino Chigi with Giulia Albani, heiress of the Albani, a Venetian patrician family, said to be of Albanian origin, her name was added to that of Chigi.

This brought him into conflict with the aristocratic party, who prevented him from obtaining the aedileship. When about forty years of age he married a lady of patrician rank, Julia, the aunt of Julius Caesar. He renewed the donation of Pippin, and as Patrician he took Rome under his protection.

Claudius, Appius, surnamed Crassus, a Roman patrician , consul in and B. He holds that Claudius was never the leader of the patrician party,. His family was of patrician rank and traced a legendary descent from lulus, the founder of Alba g Y, Longa, son of Aeneas and grandson of Venus and Anchises.

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Caesar made the most of his divine ancestry and built a temple in his forum to Venus Genetrix; but his patrician descent was of little importance in politics and disqualified Caesar from holding the tribunate, an office to which, as a leader of the popular party, he would naturally have aspired. By treaty of December he recognized the republic under his suzerainty, substituted a papal prefect for the " patrician " and returned to Rome.

Argyrus , emperor , was an undistinguished Byzantine patrician , who was compelled by the dying emperor Constantine IX. Ricimer then obtained from Leo I. The traditions connect them closely with the beginning of Rome, and with a large number of its early institutions, such as the worship of Jupiter, Mars and Quirinus, and the patrician form of marriage confarreatio. There were also collections on the same scale belonging to individuals; a patrician of Nuremberg named Muffel was able to gain possession of relics Chroniken der deutschen State, xi. In the Via Morone near the Piazza della Scala is a collection of art treasures bequeathed to the town in by a Milanese patrician , the Cavaliere Poldi-Pezzoli.

In we hear of a revolt against Rome led by Sergius the Patrician , who allied himself with the Arabs. Such was the position to which John de Witt, a young man of twenty-eight years of age, belonging to one of the most influential patrician families of Dordrecht his father, Jacob de Witt, was one of the prisoners of Loevenstein was appointed in Under the close oligarchical rule of the patrician families, who filled all offices in the town councils, the States of Holland, in which the influence of Amsterdam was dominant, and which in their turn exercised predominance in the States-General, became more and more an assembly of " shopkeepers " whose policy was to maintain peace for the sake of the commerce on which they thrived.

Lucius or Gaius Minucius, the patrician praefectus annonae president of the market , thereupon accused him of courting popularity with a view to making himself king. But though in Bremen the efforts of the craftsmen's "arts" to secure a share of power had been held in check and the gilds never gained any importance, the city government did not, as at Cologne and elsewhere, develop into a close patrician oligarchy.

Among the more prominent secular buildings are the Giirzenich, a former meeting-place of the diets of the Holy Roman Empire, built between and , of which the ground floor was in converted into a stock exchange, and the upper hall, capable of accommodating persons, is largely utilized for public festivities, particularly during the time of the Carnival; the Rathaus, dating from the 13th century, with beautiful Gobelin tapestries; the Tempelhaus, the ancestral seat of the patrician family of the Overstolzens, a beautiful building dating from the 13th century, and now the chamber of commerce; the Wallraf-Richartz Museum, in which is a collection of paintings by old Italian and Dutch masters, together with some works by modern artists; the Zeughaus, or arsenal, built on Roman foundations; the Supreme Court for the Rhine provinces; the post-office ; the Imperial Bank Reichsbank ; and the municipal library and archives.

The Wolkenburg, a fine Gothic house of the 15th century, originally a patrician residence, was restored in , and is now the headquarters of the famous men's choral society of Cologne Kolner Mannergesangverein. As yet, however, none of the trade or craft gilds, as such, had a share in the government, which continued in the hands of the patrician families, membership of which was necessary even for election to the council and to the parochial offices.

In the 14th century a narrow patrician council selected from the Richerzeche, with two burgomasters, was supreme. In many of them there had been for more than a century a struggle between the old patrician families and the democratic gilds. DANDOLO, the name of one of the most illustrious patrician families of Venice, of which the earliest recorded member was one of the electors of the first doge A. That was the official title; we often hear of a patrician of Sicily, but patrician q. In a peace for ten years was made between the Saracens and the patrician Gregory.

They were first appointed in B. It may therefore be assumed that long before the clients obtained the right to hold land in their own names and appear in the courts in their own persons there was a free plebs existing alongside of the patrician s enjoying limited rights of citizenship. But it is equally certain that before the time of Servius Tullius the rights and duties of citizenship were practically exercised only by the members of the patrician clans.

At the close of the monarchy, the plebeian possessed the private rights of citizenship in entirety, except for his inability to contract a legal marriage with a patrician , and one of the public rights, that of giving his vote in the assembly. But in the matter of liability to the duties of citizenship, military service and taxation, he was entirely on a level with the patrician.

This position was probably tolerable during the monarchy, when the king served to hold the power of the patrician families in check. But while the patrician disabilities were of a kind that had gained in importance with the lapse of centuries, these privileges, even if still retained, had become merely formal in the second half of the republican period.

Since the plebeian element in the state had an immense numerical preponderance over the patrician these disabilities were not widely spread, and seem generally to have been cheerfully borne as the price of belonging to the families still recognized as the oldest and noblest in Rome. But the adoption of P. Clodius Pulcher into a plebeian family in J9 B. Patrician rank seems to have been regarded as a necessary attribute of the princeps; and in two cases we are told that it was conferred upon a plebeian princeps by the senate Vita Juliani, 3; Macrini, 7.

Instead of the old hereditary nobility, consisting of the members of the patrician clans, there arose a nobility of office, consisting of all those families, whether patrician or plebeian, which had held curule office. In the early days of Rome, office was only open to the member of a patrician gens. In the principate, patrician rank, a sort of abstract conception based upon the earlier state of affairs, was held to be a dignity suitable to be conferred on an individual holder of office. But the conferment of the rank upon an individual as distinct from a whole family gens is enough to show how widely the modern conception of patrician rank differed from the ancient.

Under Constantine an entirely new meaning was given to the word Patrician. The dignity was not hereditary and belonged only to individuals; thus a patrician family was merely one whose head enjoyed the rank of patricius.

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From the first, however, it was clear that Friederike Brion could never become the wife of the Frankfort patrician 's son; an unhappy ending to the romance was unavoidable, and, as is to be seen in passionate outpourings like the Wanderers Sturmlied, and in the bitter self-accusations of Clavigo, it left deep wounds on the poet's sensitive soul. The old patrician council left the city to appeal to the Hansa and to the imperial authorities, while a new council with democratic tendencies, elected chiefly from the gilds, took their place.

The patrician Nicetas, count of Opsikion, who sought to oppose his march, was defeated by Harun's general, Yazid b. The distinction between patrician and plebeian, domestic slavery, and beating and slicing to death were abolished. In 46 B. The grand old patrician houses of the days of its Hanseatic glory, with their lofty and often elaborately ornamented gables and their balconied windows, are the delight of the visitor to the town. The most interesting secular buildings are the houses of the old patrician families.

Barbarian's Soul

The government of the town was vested in the patrician families, who, contrary to the usual course of events in the free towns, succeeded in permanently excluding the civic gilds from all share of municipal power, although in there was a sharp rising against this oligarchy. The downfall of the town was accelerated by the illiberal policy of its patrician rulers; and the French Revolution reduced it to such a degree that in it offered itself and its territories to the king of Prussia on condition that he would pay its debts.

He was a tribune of the people, associated unflinchingly not merel y with the unpopular but with the unpolished; always carrying about him not merely a certain Roman look, but a patrician air. After slavery had fallen Phillips associated himself freely with reformers occupied in other paths, herein separating himself from the other patrician of the movement, Edmund Quincy, who always frankly said that after slavery was abolished there was nothing else worth fighting for.

Fabius Pictor, a patrician and a senator, can scarcely have published his annals before the close of the Second Punic War, but these annals covered the whole period from the arrival of Evander in Italy down at least to the battle by Lake Trasimene B. In the former case he is clothed with various Roman titles and offices, as patrician and consul; but in all cases alike he remains the national East Gothic king.

Thus his refusal to sacrifice Polish to Lithuanian or Lithuanian to Polish interests caused both Poles and Lithuanians to accuse the f ar-seeing monarch of partiality and favouritism; while his anti-German policy, on which the future safety of the dual state depended, could only be carried through by the most humiliating concessions to patrician pride and greed. The influence of the towns was steadily on the increase, and their government began to fall into the hands of the burgher patrician class, who formed the Cod party.

Michael Constantine Psellus the younger, born in probably at Nicomedia; according to some, at Constantinople of a consular and patrician family. The Ogulnian law in the same year increased the number to nine, five plebeian being added to the four patrician members. For the first six years of this lamentable period Burke was actively employed in stimulating, informing and guiding the patrician chiefs of his party. He was the son of a converted Jew, who took the name of Manin because that patrician family stood sponsors to him, as the custom then was.

History of the Wars/Book V

On the very day of his coronation Pippin allowed himself to be proclaimed patrician of the Romans by the pope, just as Clovis had been made consul. The Flemings, however, soon wearying of the oppressive administration of the French governor, Jacques de Chtillon, and the recrudescence of patrician domination, rose and overwhelmed the French chivalry at Courtrai a prelude to the coming disasters of the Hundred Years War.

At the time he mounted the papal chair Crescentius was patrician of Rome, but, although his influence was on this account very much hampered, the presence of the empress Theophano in Rome from to restrained also the ambition of Crescentius. In he definitely conquered Cilicia and again overran Mesopotamia and Syria, while the patrician Nicetas recovered Cyprus.

Having been baptized, she refused to marry a pagan patrician and so was martyred for Christ in Rome. Born in Poitiers in France of pagan patrician parents, he married early in life. The primary government is aristocratic. Patrician tyranny rouses the populace to revolt, and then democratic equality is established under a republic. Democratic excesses cause the rise of an empire, which, becoming corrupt, declines into barbarism, and, again emerging from it, retraces the same course. No general law was ever passed to abolish the privileges of the patrician s; still less was any law ever passed to abolish the distinction between patrician and plebeian.

I'm a moving network of nerve endings. And jazz music gives forms to my mind, forms in sound, and I feel it's better than any psychoanalyst, because art is a healer, that's a part of its function, it's a connected universe, just like the words we formed out of the grants and hollers, it organizes my universe for mo -that's healing, integrating, communicating. And pot is like, well, it makes you aware, aware of the present, you come alive, you got eyes for the scene, man, and ears to hear with -like most of the time were listening but we're not hearing, man " I said, "The mystics talk about going into another plane of existence.

I get my kicks behind those problems, Larry. I enjoy them. It doesn't horrify me that there's no answer to these problems. That's where I am after I finish a poem. I'm postorgasmic. To be stripped of darkness is to be clean," and his statement that the poem is that moment of peace when the inner struggle is resolved, but momen tarily only.

Angel Davies was insisting that he was not merely willing to return to the struggle, but would have it no other way. Perhaps Dylan would have given the same answer if he'd been pressed, For ho did return to the struggle again and again, till he couldn't make the creative scene any more and, like a pregnant woman long past her time and in un availing labor no one has ever devised a Caesarean for poets he died of it. Some say it was the booze that finished him; some say it was women, "the old ram rod, dying of bitches," as he says in his 1 poem Lament The old easy answers.

But whatever it is that finally finishes a poet, most poets are agreed that what triggers a poem may bo any one or a combination of these things booze, narcotics, women, Edgar Lee Masters, in his poem Tomorrow is My Birthday, "quotes" Shakespeare as saying just before lie died that if ho had a virgin in her teens instead of old Anne at home keeling her pots, he could go on to write plays that would eclipse everything he had already done, plays that would SLUM BY THE SEA 29 be the wonder of the world.

I mentioned the poem and Angel's com ment was: "Oh, yeah, I know just what he meant. If he had a swinging piece of ass to lay he could really write. Would it make you swing?

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That was stimulating me to writing. I wrote a lot. That has a bearing on the problem that Edgar Lee Masters raised about Shakespeare. The poet wasn't like other men. He was entitled to a change of venue whenever he felt he needed it which I punned into a change of Venus, or venery and there was a laugh all around, except for Angel to whom nothing is a laughing matter, least of all where he is concerned. It's a question of the value of monogamy. And that's a question I just can't answer again. All the important questions arc unanswerable at least I can't answer them.