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Around , Giuliani was named virtuoso onorario di camera to Napoleon's second wife, Empress Marie-Louise. But, deeply in debt, he returned toItalyin An trip to London brought him acclaim in the English-speaking world, and resulted in a short-lived fan publication called TheGiulianiad. After this visit, the guitarist settled in Naples, enjoying the patronage of the court of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies. He became adept on anobscureinstrument called the lyre-guitar which was marketed mainly to female amateurs , and perfected the design of the "ghitarra di terza," aninstrumentwith a shorter fingerboard than that of the regular "Spanish" guitar.

As aspecialhelp to other players, Giuliani notated his works on the treble clef in an innovative manner, with the rests and note-stem directions distinguishingthemelody from the bass line and inner voices. Giulianate, Op. Rossiniana No. Variations on a Theme by Handel, Op. La Caccia, Op. Le Papillon, Op. Guitar Concerto No. Sonata in C Major, Op. Study for the Guitar, Op.