Mathematical Methods in Biology and Neurobiology (Universitext)

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Mathematical Methods and Modeling of Biophysical Phenomena - Jean Clairambault

Berlin : de Gruyter , In: Inventiones mathematicae , 1 , p. Synchronization of coupled map lattices chaos synchronization role of transmission delays relation between local and global dynamics relation between dynamics and network structure. Rodrigues : Representation of Markov chains by random maps : existence and regularity conditions. In: Calculus of variations and partial differential equations , 54 3 , p. Lu , Wenlian ; Atay , Fatihcan M.

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This would have helped tremendously to create an appreciation of the deep applications of mathematics to the biological research world. Anyone with an interest in the cross-fertilization of these fields will look forward to this with great excitement! See the table of contents in pdf format. Skip to main content.

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Search form Search. Login Join Give Shops. Halmos - Lester R. Ford Awards Merten M. Publication Date:. German [Differential geometry and minimal surfaces] Second edition.

Expanded English translation of the German original. Classic Texts in the Sciences. Fixed-point theorems. Springer-Verlag, New York, Linear monotone operators.

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2. Morse-Conley theory

Differential forms in algebraic topology. Boundary value problems. Boundary regularity.