The Heros Journey: How Educators Can Transform Schools and Improve Learning

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Acton learners practice critical thinking and powerful writing and speaking through deep Socratic discussions about heroes, history, and self-governance. They are asked to make and defend difficult real-world decisions building habits and mindsets that forge character. Each year, the Acton community shares an overarching question e. Acton promotes authentic relationships through written promises and covenants that form a tightly bound community around four character traits:.

The Magic of the Hero’s Journey in Learning Engagement

Acton learners hold themselves accountable with public exhibitions at the end of each quest and a portfolio of quality work. They may also participate in outside competitions. The small innovative school with a big promise is catching on.

The cost-effective model has the potential to deliver more powerful learning experiences than traditional private education. The Sandefers have received over 18, applications to join the network. Owners gain access to detailed guidebooks and over 20, pages of learning challenges. They install cameras in classrooms to ensure compliance with Acton principles.

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You have entered an incorrect email address! September 17, August 9, Here it is about experiments, wild thoughts and seeking new knowledge.

The Hero's Journey How Educators Can Transform Schools and Improve Learning

In this phase the students engage in research and idea development. They will possibly be introduced to a number of external practitioners or experts that can help them in navigating the case challenge and related disciplinary themes.

Your Hero’s Journey

In addition they can also be introduced to panel and feedback sessions where their preliminary results and ideas can get feedback. The students should basically obtain knowledge for navigating in the ecosystem of their case challenge.

The Archetypes

And this knowledge will quality their future decisions and development of the final concept solution. The students have now gotten an overview of the different directions and opportunities in their case challenge. They have generated a great amount of ideas for solutions, but there is no coherence and the belief that the case challenge can be solved satisfactorily for the team and the external client is often declining at this point. In this phase the students will often realize that they have had different perceptions of the case and the potential of each of the ideas.

Students who are not used to innovation or project-oriented processes often find this phase very frustrating. The students must now develop their ideas into more holistic and coherent concepts. This means that some tough decisions have to be made and the students need to retrieve data from the initial analysis for this argumentation. This phase covers the steps of the outer journey: Death and Rebirth and Reward , which most often occur midway through the process and reflects an inner journey from Big Change with Feeling of Life and Death and Accepting consequences of new life See model.

The student teams have decided on the content of their concept and now they need to qualify it.

The Hero's Journey

That means that all loose ends or possible flaws have to be examined and qualified. The strong arguments should be sought out, supported and developed.

The goal is that students have zoomed in on a coherent concept with strong arguments and documentation. The external client is the new hero that should ensure the further life of the concept. Therefore the final presentation is not just a sales pitch, but a communication exercise with focus on getting the external client to say yes to a potential next step.

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The students must therefore work determinedly with the final presentation, which can be done for example by using visual materials, prototypes, handouts, happenings, props, set design, etc. The final phase covers the steps Resurrection and Return with Elixir in the outer journey and Final Attempt s and Mastery of the inner journey See model. Description Instructions Phases Downloads Sources. Instructions The model is suitable for understanding and planning the dynamics in a course, particularly those with learning outcomes related to process understanding, innovation management and entrepreneurship.

Phases Call to adventure In this phase the students are presented to their case challenge. Preparation The students commit to the case challenge — both individually and as a team. Crossing the threshold The transition from the ordinary world to the special world. New rules In the special world there are new rules.