The Turn of The Screw and Other Short Novels (Signet Classics)

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What surprises me most is why critic as so reluctant at identifying incestuous and pedophile impulses in women. And we do know they exist.

Jun 08, David Meditationseed rated it it was amazing. The Turn of the Screw An incredible narrative that makes every chapter shiver and fills us with more doubts than answers. A book that points out more suggestions than affirmations, providing the reader have their own reflections, criticisms, and conclusions. The chapters are short, the narration is full of ambiguous dialogues that are beyond verbal language: they also exist in descriptions about emotions, features and expressions of the characters that sometimes explain more than even their speech.

Henry James The Turn of the Screw

A scream, a cry, an escape, a hysterical laugh - all are elements of language that Henry James uses in an exceptional way. The ambiguity is so present in this script that we start to be in doubt about what and who is indeed real or not. The suggestions also surround up to the age and sexual gender of the characters. And there is still a subliminal questioning: a relationship between morality, sex, perversion, anger, hatred, chastity and religiosity.

Some dialogues are entirely suggestive in this sense and it is as if the author actually places the reader as agent of the novel.

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Henry James does this in an absurdly creative and engaging way. In some excerpts, for example, it is common to read dialogues like "you already know"; or "do you really already know everything? This is a wonderful example of how literature opens the relations between the fictional characters, the author and the reader, bringing ambiguity to the experience of reading, imagination and reality.

And also a doubt: woww maybe I saw something in that hallway.

The Turn of the Screw and Other Short Novels by Henry James (1962, Paperback)

Is the result of my imagination or some kind of ghost? And then a tip, in my opinion, is to find a good translation. As in other works by Henry James, for example in "The Turn of the Screw" there are many subliminal psychological nuances, ambiguities and secrets of the characters that are not immediately revealed to us, readers, but hovering throughout history, leading us to participate and interpret their revelations - even if some of them are not unveiled until the end The plot is based on the relationship between two friends: a man and a woman.

They had met and talked for a long time, during a social event and they held different memories and feelings from that day. Years later, they meet again in another chance, they surprise themselves on that day and they begin to develop a deep friendship from there. This is the background for James to put on the table how relationships can help us see who we are, what we cover, what we feel and open to the other and to life.

To see how certain aspects of ourselves, hidden under the masks we use in social relations, are seen only by those who truly love us. How far do we live looking at our own navel and fail to notice the other person in front of us wanting to tell us something? The symbology of this plot follows a path that points out that all of this can reach the extreme of one's own death in life - that of losing our existence not by mistake, but by ceasing to try and do.

By standing still and not realizing the possibilities that are often exposed in front of us. Sep 27, Michael rated it it was ok. I know I liked Henry James in college. Should have read this much earlier. And the verb tenses have mixed up in my head if not the page. Also, I just don't understand The boy, Miles, went outside to show that he could.

The horror! The governess makes giant I know I liked Henry James in college. The governess makes giant leaps of logic and imagination, relaying information that didn't happen in the course of the text. Okay, that might have been the point. I gave this two stars instead of one on the assumption that the opacity was the James' intention.

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But I did not enjoy "The Turn of the Screw". I thoroughly disliked this epistolary approach in which we aren't shown for the most part any action but rather learn of it later while the narrator writes it down in hindsight. Nov 04, Kaylee rated it liked it. I didn't realize that this edition had six short novellas in it. I didn't like that.

It felt like an over load of Henry James. I did finish all of them, but my favorite was The Alter of Death. It's not creepy, but it was more interesting that the other ones. What I have learned, is that people in his books can't communicate worth a damn. If people would just say what they mean and talk about how they were feeling, instead of implying and fucking around things and figuring things were just understood, everyone would be a whole lot happier. Mar 14, Emilio rated it liked it Shelves: books-i-own.

Some stories were better than others.

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Overall I am glad I have had exposure to Henry James writing an am looking forward to reading his novels. Apr 01, Artyom Korotkov rated it liked it. An international episode - 2 stars Daisy Miller: A study - 4 stars The Aspern papers - 5 stars The altar of the dead - 3 stars The turn of the screw - 5 stars The beast in the jungle - 1 star. The time period for all the stories are late 's. Most have the theme of traveling, American versus European ideas and culture, men and women relationships.

The Turn of the Screw is the odd one out, completely different from Henry James's other short stories. They tour the city, dine in the best restaurants, attend social gatherings. There is more than one reference of "American gir The time period for all the stories are late 's. There is more than one reference of "American girls are very clever. Later she will travel to London and reunites with one them. What I found interesting was: the gossip, assumptions, generalizing of Americans, English, aristocratic society, and those who are in a lower notch in society.

At least in this story the girl is smart and not a damsel. One of these women had an affair with Aspern. This American man is in hopes of possessing these unpublished papers that were written by Aspern.

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Glad it was short. He has spent many sad and bitter years grieving. He meets a new woman and they spend time together. He has joy in his life. Then they find out they have a common link and it disturbs them. The Turn of the Screw published in is a suspenseful, mysterious, thriller-type-Gothic fiction. Although it is tame compared to thriller stories of our age. It is a strange story of when she was a young woman and a governess to two children.

The house they lived in was an old country house in Essex, England. The two impressionable children are orphans, and they live with their uncle. The young governess begins seeing apparitions, as well as the children. For the 19th century this was probably true. I did not find it to be anything other than hard to follow. It was not interesting to me. I did not enjoy reading it.

Ten years ago he had shared a secret with her which she kept, yet reminded him of. The rest of the story is of him analyzing this "secret. I have to remember in the Victorian age people did not talk about certain topics, they had strong boundaries, structured rules, and a persona to reflect in keeping with society.

Oct 15, Reenie rated it really liked it Shelves: period , america. This was my first taste of Henry James, and I was actually surprised to like it as much as I did.

The Turn of the Screw, and Other Short Novels - Henry James - Buku Google

I blame Middlemarch for that, since I'd got rather wary of intricate wordiness with its or so pages of brain hurting prose. So it was lovely to find that for all the high score vocab, Jamesian prose was generally extremely readable, with phrasing that helps you out instead of loses you not to mention sounding beautiful, sometimes. I put this down to two things - first, that I love James' brand of repressed, obsessive protagonists who have put the normal things of personhood to one side for one reason or another, a little more than may be healthy, and Turn of the Screw doesn't have one, so can never match up for me to the Aspern Papers or Daisy Miller.

Secondly, whether or not it is a ghost story The guy who wrote the forward did point to a couple of notes from James that suggested he was at least intending to write a ghost story, though, in which case, I find myself a little But then, I've never been much of one for ghost stories, being first far too terrified to appreciate the scariness, and then when I realised I didn't need to be terrified, failing to see the point.

Okay, enough half-bashing a doubtless brilliant story that I'm probably way too underqualified to comment on. On to what I did like!

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  7. As mentioned above, anything with a male protagonist who for one reason or another but generally it boils down to a lack of courage or a lack of insight , either doesn't get it, or lets life pass him by. So pretty much every other story here The Altar of the Dead reminds me a lot of that, although with an ending that softens the blow, without cheapening it.

    Brits and the Anglo-cised vs. My most favourite of all these novellas, though, is the Aspern Papers, for, among other things of awesomeness, being the most perfect portrait of fanboy obsession I think I've read. The whole pacing and construction of the plot was perfect, too, slowly gathering momentum from the start, where I was reading a page or so every few days while pretending to think about working on my thesis proposal, to the end, where I was finding excuses to take long subway rides so I could burn through another twenty pages.

    Very cool. Jul 13, Leah Powell rated it it was amazing. Sep 08, Leo rated it liked it. Given the five "novellas" or short novels as Mr.