Valuations, orderings, and Milnor K-theory

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Example: complete valued fields Example: power series fields The Krasner—Ostrowski lemma Extensions of orderings Relative real closures Uniqueness of real closures Coarsening in Algebraic Extensions Extensions of localities Coarsening and Galois groups Local closedness and quotients Ramification pairings under coarsening Intersections of Decomposition Groups The case of independent valuations The case of incomparable valuations Transition properties for Henselity Complements of inertia groups Complements of ramification groups Part IV.

K -Rings.

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Basic notions Rigidity Milnor K -Rings of Fields Comparison theorems Connections with Galois cohomology Milnor K -Rings and Orderings A K -theoretic characterization of orderings Cyclic quotients K -Rings and Valuations Valuations and extensions The Baer—Krull correspondence Totally rigid subgroups Sizes of multiplicative subgroups H S and the K -ring Bounds in the totally rigid case Fans Examples of totally rigid subgroups K -Rings of Wild Valued Fields The discrete case A vanishing theorem The general case Decompositions of K -Rings The basic criterion Topological decompositions Local pairs Arithmetical decompositions Basic constructions K -rings modulo preorderings of finite index Skip to main content.

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Valuations, Orderings, and Milnor $K$-Theory

Introduction ix Conventions xiii Part I. Abelian Groups Chapter 1.

Characters 12 Chapter 2. Generalized rational functions 30 Part II. Valuations and Orderings Chapter 3. Discrete valuations 43 Chapter 4. Gauss valuations 50 Chapter 5. Archimedean orderings 67 Chapter 7. The tree structure 71 Chapter 8. Bounded sets 79 Chapter 9.

Valuations and diameters of milnor K-rings | SpringerLink

Completions 83 Chapter Consequences 93 Chapter Existence of valuations Chapter Mixed valuations under a finiteness assumption Part III. Galois Theory Chapter Infinite Galois Theory Chapter The Galois action Chapter Israel Journal of Mathematics.

  1. Valuations, Orderings, and Milnor K-Theory!
  2. Valuations, orderings, and Milnor K-theory.
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  6. We prove that if the diameter of this graph is at least 4, then there exists a valuation v on F such that S is v -open. This is done by adopting to our setting a construction in a noncommutative setting due to Rapinchuk, Segev and Seitz.

    Valuations, orderings, and Milnor K-theory.

    We study the behavior of the diameter under important K -theoretic constructions, and relate it to the elementary type conjecture. Finally, we provide an example showing that the above bound 4 is sharp. Unable to display preview.

    Differential K-theory and its Characters - D. Sullivan,James H. Simons - Лекториум

    Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Valuations and diameters of milnor K -rings. Article First Online: 15 August This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Arason, R. Elman and B.

    Jacob, Rigid elements, valuations, and realization of Witt rings , Journal of Algebra , — Bergelson and D. Shapiro, Multiplicative subgroups of finite index in a ring , Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society , —